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All about WebDLMS

By Ciarpro Team

Dental APT is the advanced productivity tool suitable for all Dental Labs of varied size and capacity. It provides the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful management systems with right options and processes that works well for the technicians and dental ceramists.

Dental APT is customized software for Dental Labs for managing their interactions with doctor on other medical foundations. It keeps track of the orders processing, delivery management, communication management, generate invoice, receipts and analysis reports.

Most striking feature of this application is our communication tool. The lab can communicate with the doctors by sending SMS with their unique Sender ID. The lab can enjoy various touch points with their vendors and customers.

- Ciarpro Team

Application Features

  • Customer profile Management
  • Order Processing System
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Outstation Order Handling
  • Billing / invoicing
  • Single & Batch Payment
  • Profitability report
  • Outstanding payment report
  • Customer Ledger
  • Delivery schedule report
  • Product trend Analysis & Graph
  • SMS Management System
  • Standing Instructions
  • Vendor / Supplier register
  • Accurate stock reporting at any point of time
  • Expense tracking
  • Data Management and Backup
  • Access Rights